Quality Assistance

All repairs are done by Professionals either in store or through our resident Guitar tech off site. Please be aware that due to the amount of repairs we receive there may be a short waiting period before we can tend to your instrument


Every musician knows that playing an instrument is pretty much like driving a car. You need to maintain and take care of it and that is what we are here for. If you think that your instrument could use a boost, hand it to one of our experts who are in charge of Amp Repair. We’ll have it back to you in no time and will supply you with a rented instrument in the interim so you can continue practicing.



Here at The Guitar Studio we do everything in our power to make sure our customers are happy with our merchandise. However, now and then even the best quality instruments need a little boost. Call us today to schedule your Fret Repair and one of our professionals will be happy to get the job done in no time and for a fair price.

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If you think that your instrument could use a repair, bring it in for our professionals to examine and treat. Here at The Guitar Studio we treat “sick” instruments the same way as we would a person who isn’t feeling well- with the utmost care and patience. Call us to learn more about our price ranges for repair work, including our Restringing service.

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